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One Face Mask At A Time- How LoveBomshel Started A Movement

It was right around March 2020 when it happened. A renaissance of what it means to be a community-based small business, at a time when it is so badly needed.

For the first time in decades, people and hospitals all over the country are asking for help. With government agencies stretched thin, nurses, doctors, and families have made public pleas for donations and support. This is where local fashion designer and entrepreneur, Julie Ferrer, stepped in and stepped up. With her hands, she began sewing face masks for local hospitals. This small effort launched into an overnight obsession as tons of friends saw her effort on Facebook and began to ask for their own personal mask. Seeing there was an exploding need, she began to look for local seamstresses to help her make her signature ‘ Social Distancing Masks.’ In just 1 week, she hired six out of work seamstresses and began to sew hundreds of masks for hospitals and families in need with the simple mission statement of, BUY 1, GIVE 1. With her company, Love, Bomshel™, Julie Ferrer has become a leader in the small business community and a pioneer of what it means to create a business with a true social cause.

More Then A Business

Personally, the vision of giving back is sewn into her heart. Two weeks ago she was told her grandfather and aunt, both living in New Jersey, were afflicted with COVID-19. Even worse, Julie’s husband, Matteo Ferrer, nearly lost his cousins life to the virus as he battled a week while being on a ventilator. The good news is they are slowly recovering.

Hospitals In Need

It’s officially been 3 weeks since the launch Love, Bomshel™ and so far she has delivered masks to two separate St. Mary’s Children Hospital nursing units, a local hospital located in West Palm Beach, FL as well as Belmont Pines Hospital, a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital located in Youngstown, PA. She is currently preparing a fourth delivery to Nicklaus Children Hospital, a pediatric hospital based in Miami.

With Love, Bomshel’s™ mission, Julie has made giving back her business. She was laid off in March from the two other jobs she was working full-time. From unemployed to being employer in a matter weeks, she feels truly blessed to be able to give back in more ways than one, “Creating a brand that gives back has always been my dream. I’m humbled to be the one providing protection to my beloved community and abroad.” - Julie.

With 17 hour work days, she often finds herself working to the point of exhaustion but the incredible feedback she receives, fuels her. “Honestly, the testimonials and direct messages I get from nurses as well as new fans, brings tears to my eyes. We really are helping bring safety and awareness to so many people.” - Julie.

Yesenia: Safety with a cause.

“Obsessed. Not only are they cute but they are VERY comfortable. Easy to clean. Incredible work Love, Bombshel™ is doing by donating one for each mask purchased.”

Dori: Shop Small and Support Health Care Workers

“I love my new mask. It came promptly and I know I’m going to get compliments when I wear it out on essential trips! I also love that the company is donating a mask for every mask purchased...what a great way to support our health care workers while shopping small!”

Looking Ahead

It’s hard to predict how long COVID-19’s quarantine measures and shelter-in-place warnings will be in place, but one thing for sure is that the era of personal protective equipment, PPE, is apparently here to stay and Julie is focused on growing to meet the demand of people and hospitals in need. “Together we can make a huge impact.”